Opposition hails probe into NHC


THE Opposition has welcomed the appointment of a committee to investigate the management of the State-owned National Housing Corporation (NHC).
Opposition Leader Don Polye said the committee must investigate the “root of corruption” within NHC and bring to justice those implicated.
Polye said stakeholders and taxpayers had lost faith in the NHC because it had failed to carry out its mandate of providing affordable housing to hardworking Papua New Guineans.
He claimed that NHC had been used as a “milking cow” for some officers.
He said some people who had resided in some areas for many years had been thrown out on to the streets after the properties were sold through dubious means.
“The appointment of an investigation committee to look into the affairs of NHC should have been done years ago,” Polye said.
He said credible people must be appointed to the committee if the Government was serious about weeding out corruption at the National Housing Corporation.

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