Opposition parties join forces


PARTIES in the Opposition have got together to plan an “alternate government” in the hope that the ruling People’s National Congress fails to make the numbers at this month’s general election.
The leaders of those parties met on Wednesday in Port Moresby and prominent among them was former prime minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.
The others were National Alliance Party leader Patrick Pruaitch, THE Party president Warusam Debege, People’s Progress Party’s Ben Micah, PNG Constitutional Democratic Party leader Ila Geno and former prime minister Sir Mekere Morauta, who was representing independent Kerenga Kua, of PNG National Party.
“Leaders of the alternative government met early this week to chart a pathway towards the formation of a new government come August 2017,” a statement from the group said yesterday.
A photo of the group having lunch at the Airways Hotel was published in The National.
“Party leaders and representatives from the former opposition parties (and) ranks, together with the National Alliance Party, are happy to join forces, acknowledging that the collective experience of the various groups and positive influences that come with it will bolster nationwide support for a change in government,” the statement said.
The statement said the new alliance and membership gave them the confidence to form the next government.
“We are confident that one of the alternate government parties will bring in the numbers to be invited by the governor-general to form the next government,” the statement said.
“We remain open to include other parties interested in joining this alternative coalition of parties, including those who wish to divorce themselves from the PNC leadership.”

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