Opposition team intact, ready to test govt: Leader


Leader Patrick Pruaitch says the Opposition team is intact and will test the strength of the numbers on the government side when the opportunity arises.
Pruaitch told a media conference in Port Moresby on Friday that rumours about  Pangu Party leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil and some members of the party defecting from the Opposition to join the Government were just that.
“I can assure the people and the country that the Opposition team is intact,” Pruaitch said.
“We want to create a balance in the house where our people’s interest is protected and served.
“Regarding the rumours about the Pangu Party, rumours are rumours and it stays that way until Pangu Party itself through its party leader made an official statement regarding it.”
Pruaitch said National Alliance as a major coalition party in the Opposition respected its coalition partners.
“We embrace our solidarity and our cohesiveness as a team and that is Team Alliance,” he said.
“But we also respect each political party in doing what they need to do as a party.
“We respect Pangu Party in so far as this rumour is concerned until they make their grand announcement regarding that rumour.”
“When the opportunity arises, we will test the strength of the numbers on the government side.
Basil is yet to confirm or deny the rumour.
Meanwhile, Pruaitch said the Opposition was not seeking a bipartisan approach with the government to address its 100-day plan.
“I think there is consultation between one or two members of the Opposition and not Opposition as a team, he said.
“I don’t think there is sufficient consultation between the members of the Opposition and the government seeking a bipartisan approach.
Northern Governor Gary Juffa said that the Opposition would like to help out the government where it benefited the people.

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