Opposition will continue to hold govt accountable, says Juffa

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PEOPLE’S Movement of Change Party leader Gary Juffa, pictured, says the remaining Opposition MPs will continue to hold the Government accountable for its decisions.
Juffa was commenting on the move by 12 Pangu Pati MPs from the Opposition to the Government.
“I believe that we must focus on being an active and focused Opposition voicing the people’s concerns at all times and holding the Government to account,” Juffa said.
“Prime Minister Peter O’Neill enjoys much political support and thus much power. Thus he must be reminded to use it with caution and in the interest of the people.”
Juffa said the Pangu Pati led by Sam Basil had made the move to join the Government.
“Those of us who remain in the Opposition must continue to be critical of Government decisions and policies when they do not suit the nation’s interest. We must also review the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates (OLIPPAC) laws (to) bring greater stability to politics. The reviewed law would also prevent party-hopping.”
Juffa’s party, National Alliance, PNG Party, National Party, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party, Melanesian Alliance and PNG Liberal Party are remaining in the Opposition.

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