Organic fertilizer to boost agriculture


A NATIONALLY-owned company is introducing new types of organic fertilizer to help boost the agriculture sector.
PNG Eden Fertilizers, which has been established in several centres in the country, says these fertilizers can change farming for the better.
A company technical officer Allan Pinia said the fertilizers they have introduced were user-friendly and economical compared to chemical fertilizers currently used in the country.
“Organic fertilizers have proven to increase yield in crops and reduce maturity time for crops as well,” he said.
“The fertilizers have also helped crops that are usually grown in coastal areas to grow in the highlands and crops which grow in the highlands can now be grown in coastal areas as well.”
Pinia said watermelons were now grown in some parts of Western Highlands and apples have successfully been grown East New Britain with the aid of organic fertilizers.
“Crop shelf life has also been proven to last up to one month after harvest and that is good for those who are involved in commercial farming because their produce can last for a longer period of time,” he said.
He said the fertilizers could reduce soil acidity and promote healthiness in the ecosystem and the human body as well.
“Our fertilizers maintain soil fertility, increases productivity and maintain the organic taste of food and they come in both solid and liquid form,” he said.
Eden Fertilizers has branches in Kokopo, Buka, Kimbe, Port Moresby, Mt Hagen and Lae and is planning to branch out to other main centres.

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