Organic Law inactive: Micah


THE Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments has been inactive for a long time since its enactment in 1995, Kavieng MP Ben Micah says.
Micah told reporters last week in New Ireland that the reform of the government system through this law was aimed at creating cooperative levels of government – national, provincial, district and local level government.
He said in the past years the law lacked implementation mechanisms because the Government failed to provide the necessary support but in 2012 the law fully resurrected and changes across the country were evident today.
“In 2012 resources were redirected towards empowering the people through DSIP, PSIP, LLGSIP and WSIP. Rural areas have seen changes because all the levels of government are working together,” Micah said.
He said the majority of PNG’s population lived in rural areas and so any new government must not change the reform but continue to implement it.
“Services are now available in the remote areas, electricity, roads, access to markets and towns and development continues to happen.”
Micah said the Kavieng District Development Authority has distributed the K10 million DSIP funds according to the LLGs and the district only dealt with the balance.
The district has activated village planning committees and provided them ward recorders who are paid an allowance.
Community auxiliary police will also be put on payroll.
The DDA bought tractors and trucks for wards and carried out other development activities to empower the people.

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