Organisation challenges leaders, partners


Leaders and development partners have been challenged to give due consideration to persons living with disabilities (PWDs) when carrying out their annual plans.
Disabled Persons Organisation chairperson Mary Ikupu told participants of a survey-data collection training of trainer’s workshop last Friday to be a bit more understanding when planning.
“We may not be educated to represent ourselves, we may not have the right way of doing things, but wherever we can, whatever we can do, wherever we are, we’d like you to understand that we don’t have the same level of participation,” Ikupu said.
“I speak on behalf of those others who have not been exposed to this information. We are still having accessibility issues, we may not access information and we might not know but we will entrust these participants with the word of mouth.
“We would be grateful using the churches, or having identified families and care givers,  to have that understanding that we are doing this because we want support to be treated like everyone else.
“And I’d like to call upon all the stakeholders here that we really need capacity building in this new organisation. We really want to work together in partnership at village level.”

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