Organisation to help unemployed youths


A YOUNG man in Madang has taken an initiative to set up an organisation to help unemployed youths engage in productive activities to sustain themselves.
Youth Plus Madang (YPM) was created with the aim of involving unemployed in jobs such as cleaning the town
Founder of Youth Plus, Quinton Tupa, said the number of unemployed youths has increased therefore the organisation would help them do something useful instead of engaging in illegal activities.
He said he has mobilised more than 70 youths of Ward 5 in Madang Urban LLG and he expected more to join soon.
“Many youths have shown interest in joining YPM; the numbers will grow as the days come and I expect to have more than a thousand members before this month ends,” he said.
He said the first thing that YPM planned to do was to do a clean up around Madang town and restore its beautiful image.
“Currently, the town is very filthy and needs someone to do the clean up, therefore I will engage my youths to have the town cleaned.”
Tupa said YPM will also help youths engage in a productive meaningful life and reduce crime in the province.
“I want to bring some hope to the disadvantaged youths who have been marginalised for so long so that they can be empowered through YPM,” he said.
He said benefits provided by YPM include legal assistance, SME assistance and health care.

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