Organisation helps settlers adapt to new home


THE International Organisation for Migration in Papua New Guinea is helping the Manam people living in care centres in Madang through various projects.
These islanders have been forced out of their villages on Manam due to volcanic eruptions last week and some are still awaiting transportation from the island.
The 2005 volcanic eruption had forced the islanders off Manam and most had been living in cares centres since then.
IOM PNG emergencies and disaster management coordinator Wonesai Sithole said they were basically focusing on helping the islanders relocate and adapt to new environment.
“We are doing awareness on preparedness just to prepare them for possible migration in the future,” Sithole told The National.
He said they are also doing awareness on gender-based violence in camps and camp management and promoting health and hygiene in the care centres.
“We are also building rain catchment systems and gravity water systems for water harvesting in the care centres,” Sithole said.
He said they were building water catchments in 14 sites at the care centres.
“We will be distributing hygiene kits to 2000 households anytime soon, they’re ready to be distributed,” Sithole said.
He said they were also assisting in building two permanent classrooms for an elementary school.
Sithole said the community identified projects like classrooms, rain catchment systems, cocoa production and others.
“So we are just helping them with materials,” Sithole said.

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