Organisers need to improve ticketing process


ON two different occasions I missed getting tickets for a venue for this FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup tournament.
Upon enquiring at the shop that sells tickets at Vision City, I was told that the tickets for a particular venue were all purchased.
However, when I watched the actual matches on television, I noticed hundreds of unoccupied seats in the venue that I was interested in.
What is the explanation here, local organisers of the tournament?
What is happening?
Were the tickets actually purchased or were only selected seats were sold?
Also, someone in social media is saying he went to buy a ticket two days ago and was told the tickets were sold out.
But he found out that someone near the shop he went to was selling the same tickets at a higher price.
Can the local organising committee check on that practice – and put a stop to it immediately?
We know people do that kind of thing for SP Hunters games in the Q-Cup competition and other sporting events where certain individuals buy tickets in bulk and then resell them at a higher price.
That is illegal and must be stopped.
This FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup tournament is not a small competition out in a remote part of the country.
The whole world is watching.
Whoever is doing that must be found out and arrested.
On the other hand, ticket selling shops must be advised to disallow the buying of tickets in bulk.
People who do that may then sell them at a higher price.
That is stealing and must be stopped.
Let’s not allow such primitive practices corrupt what good is happening in the country in terms of sports.
What would FIFA do if they find out that such a practice is going on in PNG?
Please, stop that practice at once.

Pro PNG Soccer

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