Oro police yet to be paid


NORTHERN provincial police commander Chief Inspector Lincoln Gerari said security operations have continued for counting in the province despite delays in the payment of allowances for security personnel.
Gerari dispelled rumours that the security personnel had walked off due to non-payment of allowances. “I have told our men, that it is a nationwide exercise and you will still get your allowaances,” Gerari said.
It was reported that for almost two weeks members of the security forces monitoring the election in the province were not paid their allowances.
However, Gerari said that some members had received their allowances and it was only a matter of time before everyone was paid.
“Members of the security forces are committed to their jobs in providing security for the polling and they have not deterred in the operational requirements for the counting,” he said.
“Members of the security forces, especially police officers, have sworn an oath to protect and serve the people of Papua New Guinea without fear or favour, malice or ill-will, regardless of the circumstances and will continue to do so.”

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