Overseas agencies told to clarify projects


SOUTH Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu has appealed to overseas aid donors, funding agencies and non-government organisations to inform his office about any projects they are undertaking on the district.
Masiu said some overseas agencies coming into the Region and South Bougainville did not have the courtesy of informing elected leaders of what they were doing.
“I am concerned that within the four months since being elected to office, not one aid donor or funding agency operating in Bougainville has called into my office to discuss what they are doing in South Bougainville or the region for that matter,” he said.
“I have an office (South Bougainville MP) in Buin which is open seven days a week.
“But I have not seen any of these people call in to discuss what they are doing.”
Masiu said he had been hearing about some renowned global agencies undertaking projects which were small and not befitting their status.
“I do not want them to lie to the people when they know they can do more and bigger things,” he said.
“If they are really interested in helping, then they must come and hear me out as well because I am the mandated representative of the people.
“I respect them and I expect them to come through the office of the Open Member of Parliament.
“If they are going through the ABG (Autonomous Bougainville Government), it is still important that they also call on (my office) because there are some issues that we

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