Owners urged to insure properties


DEPUTY Chief Fire Officer Bill Roo is urging property owners to get their properties insured.
He said yesterday many newly built residential buildings and old ones were not insured by the owners.
“Many residential buildings like houses that we have come across in the city do not have insurance cover,” Roo said.
“When we get reports after putting off fires, owners tell us that their houses or buildings were not insured.”
He said it would be better for owners to get insurance cover for their buildings so they can lodge claims when their homes and properties are destroyed by fire.
“If you own a house, you have to insure the house, so that when your house is burnt down, you can go and claim insurance.
“Fire Service is not responsible for damage,” Roo said.
“Insurance companies are there to help you. If you are unable to buy insurance cover, then your house will go down and it will be a waste.”
He advised people to consider the importance of insurance cover and try to prevent fires by replacing old materials in buildings.
“My advice to people is to get their houses insured and do maintenance in order to replace old materials which can cause fire to the building.
“Some of the building materials such as wirings are old and buildings need to be rewired and brought up to the standards required.”

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