Pair gets 31 years for murder


VIOLENCE is becoming prevalent in the country, a National Court judge says.
“Although police may not act quickly to a reported crime, it is not an excuse for us to act like animals in the National Geographic,” Waigani National Court Justice George Manuhu said yesterday.
He made the comments after sentencing two men charged with murder of another man to 15 and 16 years respectively.
Mora Mai and Richie Laufa were found guilty of the murder of Felix Koivi at Tokarara in the National Capital District in October 2014.
The court heard that following a confrontation between Koivi and Richard Mai, Mora’s brother, Richard was stabbed and the incident was reported to Waigani police station.
However, Waigani police referred the matter to Hohola police to deal with it, the court heard.
“If the police had intervened in this matter the incident would have never happened,” Justice Manuhu said after finding that police failed to act due to a matter of jurisdiction.
He told the court that Laufa and Mai proceeded to Koivi’s house and Laufa hit Kiovi on the head with a stone, while Mai punched and kicked him.
Medical evidence before court showed that Koivi died due to the injuries he sustained.
“No one has the right to take the life of another person,” Justice Manuhu said.
He told Mai and Laufa that Koivi would never return to his family but they would after serving time.
Both Mai and Laufa apologised to the court, to Koivi’s family and to their own families before their sentencing.

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