Pala vows to provide free education, heath care


MEMBER for Rigo and Minister for Justice and Attorney-General Ano Pala, pictured, says his focus for the next five years will be on education, health and infrastructure.
“If I am re-elected, free education is our commitment to our people and we will continue on that and of course free health care which we will continue to improve on it,” Pala told a recent election rally at Gabagaba village.
“For the education sector, our government is committed to free education and we have built more classrooms in the last five years.
“For Kwikila Health Centre, we are now going to introduce telemedicine and also provide X-ray machines for our patients.”
In terms of infrastructures, Pala said the district has about K3 to K4 million in its account and would use this to upgrade the feeder roads in the district.
“If our government is given another term then we are going to improve the infrastructures and move forward by improving the things that we have already introduced,” he said.
“We are committed to doing what we have already started but, the difference with us now is that we have the system in place to move us forward.
“We will just make sure that the public servants are trained appropriately so that we can deliver basic services to our people.”
Pala also said that before the end of this year, a good market for Central people would be built at Kwikila station.
He urged the people to vote a leader that would deliver service.

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