Pangu leader invites Basa to join camp


PANGU Pati leader and MP-elect Sam Basil and Morobe Governor-elect Ginson Saonu have called on the MP-elect for Kabwum to join them at the Kokopo camp.
They said they understood that Patrick Basa wished to deliver basic services to his district but that he must also realise why some individuals, like the parliamentary speaker and Mao Zeming, had lost their seat.
They attributed these defeats to Peter O’Neill for failing to look after some leaders.
“O’Neill has promoted his own agenda at the expense of development in many of our districts in Morobe,” they said in a joint statement from Port Moresby.
“It is time for us to stand together to ensure that our people are given a change to benefit from the major resource projects in our province.
“We, your brothers in Morobe, are calling for you to come back and join us in Kokopo to form the government because O’Neill will not save you in the Morobe assembly and assist to develop Kabwum instead he is just using you to get a vote from you to become prime minister.”
The two leaders also called on MPs from Madang, East and West Sepik who are at the Alotau camp to join the Kokopo camp to form the next government.
“My appeal to the Momase leaders is that don’t let our resources be controlled by only one man and in return giving us nothing,” Basil said when releasing the statement.
“Let us all come together and work together for the good of our people who voted for us so that we can form a good government for the people of PNG.”
Saonu said the people of Morobe did not want corruption and that was why they voted out the People’s National Congress (PNC).
“You must must come back so we can work together and set an example for other provinces to follow,” he said in a message to Basa.
“You will feel more comfortable here in Kokopo than in Alotau.”

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