Pangu Pati’s money issue referred to police


By Malum Nalu
Pangu Pati leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil has confirmed that a number of the party’s national executives have become “persons of interest” in police fraud investigations.
He said these related to the use of funds by during the 2017 general election.
“I am aware that the Pangu Pati council is extremely concerned about the manner in which the party funds have been expended by certain Pangu Pati executives during the election,” Basil said.
“The council has resolved and referred these matters to police for criminal investigation and appropriate administrative action. As parliamentary leader of Pangu Pati, I am calling on all party members and followers, corporate sponsors and the general public to let the natural legal process proceed.
“In the meantime, the council has resolved to take necessary administrative housekeeping action to ensure that Pangu Pati continues to operate while the ‘persons of interest’ investigations by the police continue.”
Basil said the integrity of the party must not be brought into question.
“Pangu Pati, as the ruling political party at the adoption of Papua New Guinea’s national constitution – and thereby proclamation of our Sovereign State – must be under the same scrutiny of the Constitution and the enabling laws, including the Criminal Code for all citizens and institutions that it helped establish,” he said.


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