Papa Wenge, Pangu praised


ON behalf of all the Pangu Pati supporters in Buang LLG, I congratulate Kennedy Wenge on his victory as the newly elected member for Nawaeb in Morobe.
The Pangu Pati candidates who have won their seats – such as Sam Basil, Dr Kobby Bomare, Koni Iguan and Rainbo Paita Towo – will see Wenge and Thomas Pelika (Menyamya) as the father figure.
Under the leadership of Sam Basil, Wenge can bring much-needed basic services to the people of Nabak, Wain, Erab and Bukawac and he can work with the other leaders of the district to ensure that people fully benefit from funding under the District Services Improvement Programme.
Wenge is not new to politics in Papua New Guinea as he had served the people of Nawaeb from 2002 to 2007 as an MP.
This is the history of the party now with Pangu producing both old and young politicians in the likes of Wenge and Rainbo Paita Towo in this election.
Thank you very much Nawaeb for supporting Pangu Pati and electing a strong but simple, old but wise leader like Papa Kennedy Wenge.

Frankie Aros Poros
Buang LLG

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