Papua New Guinea beware of the half-truth


PAPUA New Guinea beware of the half-truth.
Truth stands there tall and strong, alongside integrity and compassion surrounded by a sea of deceit, hatred, jealousy, lies, cowardliness and self-righteousness.
Truth is a rare seed and is hardly popular. Truth is a core and is unmeasurable.
Truth is a treasure and is unbelievable. Truth is a fountain of all realities. Those who cultivate and nature it go through hell!
It’s the most difficult crop in terms of nurturing. But its fruits are unbelievable.
Even though things might not come the way you can with stand the truth but remember…truth always prevail
Corruption is the result of a garden lack of truth! Stealing is the result of garden lack of truth! Be truthful and you will always be a winner! Let’s hold on to it as it’s stronger than a diamond bit which can penetrate all hardest and difficult of moments and things.

Albert Peter

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