Parent donates cash to school


A PARENT has donated K4000 to a primary school in Lae to help pay for the academic awards for students during the graduation.
The Huonville Primary school received the money donated from Henry Hasi Yembi to assist in the school’s shortfall to fund the graduation.
Headteacher Willy Villakiva said an appeal was made to parents during a PNC meeting declaring to parents the school struggles to purchase awards for the graduation.
Yembi said from working with the school over three years and as a parent he has realised the struggles of the school in funding compared to previous years.
“My concern here is that our children get educated and receive and excel in their studies and rewarding students at the end of the year challenges children to work hard each year,” Yembi said.
“I think the tuition fee free policy serves the interest of the government with almost more of the money required by the school is diverted to a company and does not serve the requirements of the schools, contributing to a lot of financial problems for the schools.”
Yembi is the managing director of the Hasi Distributors, a company which has been supplying stationeries and other supplies to the schools in Morobe.

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