Parents told to monitor children


Parents have been urged to monitor their children’s movement and make sure they were not involved in any illegal activities.
Deputy Police Commissioner Jim Andrews told The National yesterday that it was going towards the end of the school-year and a lot of students would be planning to go out with the peers to drink or party.
“We have been facing problems with students being involved in a lot of illegal activities after school so parents must strictly keep an eye on their children in order for them to be safe,” Andrews said.
“They (parents) have to play an active part in making sure their children are safe because during this time of the year students plan little gatherings to drink with friends before going on holidays.
“And who knows what will happen to them if things get out of hand. It is not safe nowadays because there are a lot of things happening like rape and murder of young people and there are also school fights and involvement in cult practices.
“So they have to be very careful; what we want is for the children to be safe and enjoying their holidays.”

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