Park helps students learn about culture

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A GROUP of students in Port Moresby are being given the opportunity to learn about their culture and tradition at the Port Moresby Nature Park.
Students from various schools have been invited by the park’s management as part of its cultural conservation programme called the Pasin Tumbuna Week.
The programme promotes the preservation of culture and educates the students on how the flora and fauna of Papua New Guinea had influenced culture through story-telling, songs and traditional dances.
The programme features cultural practices in the Highlands, Southern, Mamose and New Guinea Islands.
The themes are based on what cultural conservation is and how students can preserve their own culture while protecting the country’s wildlife.
Students undertake a two-hour educational journey through the park visiting cultural stalls, viewing artefacts and attending story-telling sessions.
Port Moresby Nature Park’s education and life sciences manager Ishimu Bebe said: “It is important that we preserve our many cultures and languages.
“We must teach our children, particularly our children in the city, to value and conserve their culture and traditions so that this knowledge can be passed on from generation to generation.”

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