Parkop calls for city to back anti-violence message


NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop will stage his regular Walk For Life on Sunday in honour of Joe Pidik, who died last Thursday after being injured in post match violence from the Digicel Cup preliminary final two weeks ago.
Governor Parkop said he was saddened and shocked by Pidik’s death and promised to do something to put an end to violence in PNG sport.
“Joe did not deserve to leave us this way. I will take this opportunity to reinforce my call for an end of violence in all forms including violence in sports,” Parkop said in a statement thios week.
“Sports is an activity that brings people together in the spirit of unity and friendship.
“That’s what sportsmanship is about. In all competitive sports, there will always be a winner and a loser. It is just a game.”
Parkop said Pidik’s death was unacceptable and condemned the lack of respect fans had for each other.
“As a collective display of our denunciation of violence I wish to propose that we will walk this Sunday, during the Walk For Life, and end up with a service and a prayer for Joe Pidik,” he said.
Parkop said he hoped people would turn up to support the cause which was to fight against violence in all forms.
“I would like to invite the Minister for Sports Justin Tkatchenko, the PNG Rugby Football League, Vipers and Hunters to join the walk.
“I call upon everyone, every team, peace loving people to come and join us before we celebrate Independence and mourn the death of Joe Pidik.”
He asked those joining the walk to wear white to symbolise peace.
The walk will start early morning from Jack Pidik Park (5-Mile) and end at the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium in Konedobu with a prayer service dedicated to calling for an end of violence in sport and all forms of violence in the city.
Meanwhile, Opposition leader Don Polye called on the Government to equally fund different sports instead of focusing on one sport that was becoming an embarrassment to the country.
He said sports that had good clean records needed to be backed and rewarded for their efforts.

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