Parkop criticises sorcery attack

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National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has condemned the actions of people at 8-Mile who burned down a house after a woman was accused of using sorcery to kill a boy.
Police confirmed the incident and said that they were investigating the matter.
Parkop said the family of the dead boy accused a woman in the area of killing him using sorcery.
“They (family) mobilised and attacked the women at her home and burnt down her family’s house,” he said.
“I was tipped off about the incident and called in the police, who took the victim and her family out of the area.”
Parkop condemned the actions of relatives of the deceased and said that it was not right to attack women over sorcery allegations.
“Where is the evidence?” he said.
“Where is the proof that she killed him using sorcery?
“The practice of burning and torturing a women over sorcery allegations is not our culture.
“It has never been our tradition.”
Parkop called on men to stand up and fight against this new phenomenon that was being practised all over the country.
“The perpetrators must understand that all this happens because of allegations,” he said.
“A woman becomes a victim to all sorts of acts of violence.
“One day, it could be their mother, sisters or daughters who fall victim to this.
“This is because most times, you hear that woman are being tortured and burned over sorcery allegations.
“Never men, just women.”
Parkop said people needed to take action now and stand up against the practice of attacking women over sorcery allegations.

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