Parkop must close Gordons market


DEAR Hon Powes Porkop, this is an appeal to you as Governor of National Capital District to close the Gordons market.
The filth and violence instigated by petty thugs and criminals is getting out of control.
Last weekend, a big fight broke out between thugs and members of the public, which resulted in police intervening causing major chaos.
It is high time that city authorities like NCDC seriously consider shutting down this market and relocating it elsewhere.
We the hard-working and lawabiding citizens of this city and nation are fed up with risking our lives every day to pass through this troublesome market.
Gordons market is a haven for thugs, thieves and other criminals who prey on the innocent public and do as they please right under the nose of Gordons Police who are hardly present to protect the people.
To add to that, the filth and stench of rubbish is just overwhelming in that area and nothing is being done to keep it clean.
Hence, Gordons market is a health and safety hazard for the public and it should be shut down completely.
Governor Parkop, I am suggesting that the city authority do the following:
* Shut down Gordons market and relocate it elsewhere and consider developing Gordons into an industrial and business zone;
* Relocate designated bus stops so that buses travelling different routes stop at different locations far apart from each other.
These thugs and criminals are attracted to big crowds of people where they can easily hide among them and attack people and escape through crowded areas making it difficult to catch them.
If bus stops are separated there will be less overcrowding of people and vehicles thus lessening the opportunities for thugs.

Public Servant
Waigani, NCD

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