Parkop pleased with city residents


NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has thanked city residents for the success of the under-20 women’s soccer World Cup so far.
He said after his weekly walk-for-life and yoga-for-life yesterday at Ela Beach that the event would long be remembered as one that brought the world to PNG.
“I think we all will agree that we did well and above expectations,” Parkop said.
“The testimony of Fifa and the players speak for itself.
“They have gone to U20 World Cup tournaments in other places but have not received this kind of reception.
“We made it very exceptional for them here.”
Parkop said visitors had been made welcome since they arrived in the country, with cheerleaders from settlements assigned to each team.
“Here in PNG, we made an exception, we made a difference, we made something that has never been done anywhere in the world,” Parkop said.
“We provided support to all the teams and that’s been really appreciated.”
Parkop said PNG had a bad reputation overseas but the country could stand proud after hosting the cup.
“The World Cup will come and go but its legacy will live on,” he said.
“We will continue to think about the World Cup, this time in our history – a time when the world came to Papua New Guinea.
“We will continue to remember Mexico scoring, Korea scoring, Japan scoring, the USA losing and so on.
“This is something that will live on forever.
“It has also brought wider benefits to us.”
Parkop said the success of the tournament would not have been possible without the city residents and he thanked all.

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