Parkop rejects autopsy report


By Malum Nalu
National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has rejected the preliminary autopsy report on the late Post-Courier journalist Rosalyn Albaniel Evara and wants a second medical opinion.
He will also raise the credibility of the preliminary report with the PNG Medical Board.
Parkop said that yesterday when commenting on the preliminary report by chief pathologist Seth Fose.
Fose, who conducted the autopsy on Oct 26, said the cause of death was undetermined. A full report is expected this week.
Parkop, however, said yesterday that graphic images of Evara’s body shown at her funeral on Oct 23 by her aunt Mary Albaniel indicated otherwise.
“I have had a look at the interim report,” he said.
“This is a sensitive official investigation which should be released through the coroner or police.
“The interim report being leaked out to the public has a lot of implications on his (Fose’s) credibility.
“I’ve read the report and I can say that I’m very, very insulted.
“I cannot understand how a doctor, who is a chief pathologist, could reach that conclusion.
“You don’t need to be a doctor, pathologist or rocket scientist to reach a reasonable conclusion that she (Evara) was severely assaulted or abused and that may have contributed to her death.
“The photographic evidence that the aunty got was taken instantly after she died.
“It’s very, very obvious but it’s not mentioned in the report. Scars on her neck and on her face are not mentioned in the report.
“I don’t understand the logic.”
Parkop said if one was to accept Fose’s report, Evara should not have died at all, because she was in good health.
“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her – that’s the first thing I find in the report,” he said.
“The chief pathologist has not reached a conclusion on how she died.”
“All her organs, body, skull and everything are intact.
“How did she die?
“Why did she die? That’s what’s baffling me.”
Parkop said he had sent the report and images taken by Evara’s family to other medical doctors for a second opinion, and would go to the extent of getting an overseas opinion if warranted.
“I will also raise the matter with the Papua New Guinea Medical Board,” he said.
Parkop said police homicide would continue their investigations and urged all witnesses, including Post-Courier staff, to give evidence.
Fose did say after the autopsy that, clear evidence would be difficult to draw from Evara’s body because blood clots had been sucked away by the embalming process.