Parkop wants committee to do more to end violence


National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop is far from happy  that of the 414 reported gender-based violence cases since April last year, only two perpetrators have been convicted.
Reacting to statistics of the National Capital District Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee Secretariat yesterday, Parkop said: “From the statistics that you have given me, only two perpetrators where convicted, why are the others getting away?”
Parkop noted that most of the perpetrators were males and urged the secretariat to look into putting an end to the violence instead of providing services year in year out.
According to the statistics of active cases, two perpetrators were referred to support services for counselling, 22 survivors received interim protection orders, six survivors received permanent protection order, 21 survivors withdrew their cases and six cases were pending.
Secretariat manager Ruth Beriso said of the reported cases, some perpetrators were repeat offenders, resulting in the number of cases reported higher than the number of perpetrators. She said most of the perpetrators were male, with females being the minority.
“The total number of gender-based cases reported was 367, 48 were male survivors and 318  female survivors,” she said.
“The sex of one of the victims was not disclosed.”
Of the 47 children survivors, eight were males and 39 females.
Beriso said according to the risk assessment carried out, 171 cases were categorised as high risk, 148 as medium risk cases and 95  low risk.
She said high-risk cases included 121 females, 12 male adults and 38 children (six males and 32 females).
“Medium risk has 19 male adults and 124 females, with four children  – a male and three females.
“Low-risk cases have 17 adult males with 73 females and five children – a male and four girls,” Beriso said.
Surviving members’ children impacted totalled 661, 101 were from male survivors and 560 from female survivors.
Beriso said eight survivors were up to five years old, 39 between six and 18 years old, 215 between 19 and 35 and 152 were 36 and over.