Park’s education programme a success


THE success of the Port Moresby Nature Park’s  education excursion programme has been underscored  by it being a finalist at the Zoo and Aquarium of Australasia awards in May last year, the park says in a statement.
The Nature Park has followed this up by successfully completing its 2017 schools world environment week programme in partnership with the Port Moresby education division.
The programme saw more than 3286 students from schools in Port Moresby visit the park, the statement said.
Based on the theme ‘Environment Journey’,  students took part in the park’s water savings, waste reduction, clean energy and climate change programmes.
The events involved practical steps that helped the students better understand the environment and how to protect it.
Each class was given a tree seedling to plant at their school.
There were also gifts of lapboards, mugs, pens and T-shirts for the teachers.
The gifts were sponsored  by PNG Power Ltd, Solar Solutions, PNG Forest Authority, and Tru Gas PNG.
“This is the fourth year that the nature park has hosted this event,” park education supervisor Ishmu Bebe said. “We were happy with the increased attendance by schools.
“The comments from teachers and students on the benefits that the event brought to classroom learning have been motivating.
“Such programmes are important to children as it teaches them how to take care of their environment and surroundings and also introduce new learning methods.”
The next programme from September 5-8 will be called Pasin Tumbuna Week.
Schools interested in the excursion programme should contact the park on 326 0258.

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