Participate in EITI, MRA says


MINERAL Resources Authority managing director Philip Samar has called on people in mining provinces to participate in the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative activities.
The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a global standard to promote open and accountable management of natural resources.
It seeks to strengthen government and company systems, informed public debate, and enhance trust.
PNG is in the process of being a fully-compliant EITI member state, with the first EITI report launched by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill earlier this year.
Samar said the successful completion of the PNGEITI process and acceptance of Papua New Guinea as an EITI-compliant country, if achieved, would build a better business environment based on transparency and increased accountability in the PNG mining industry and in MRA.
“The Mineral Resources Authority has supported this initiative from its infant stages in 2005 to the releasing of PNG’s first PNGEITI 2013 report in 2015,” Samar said.
“Other than being a member of the governing body of PNGEITI, known as the Multi Stakeholder Group, MRA has implemented various activities in the spirit of transparency – the improvement of the MRA website to be more informative to all levels of the public, the introduction of the tenements management systems, the production of the MRA annual data report (in predatory stages), having officers on the PNGEITI TWG, and even sponsoring some PNGEITI activities,” Samar said.
He said the PNGEITI 2013 report had only the national institutions reporting on the revenues received from the mining companies.

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