Parties agree to ensure safe, fair and free election


THE general-secretaries of the 45 registered political parties have signed an agreement to support a safe, fair and free general election.
They promised to discourage voters from instigating violence, intimidation and to look out for election fraud practices such as vote- rigging.
They signed the agreement at the office of the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidate Commission in Port Moresby.
Integrity of Political Parties and Candidate Commission Funding-Disclosure director John Bishop and Electoral Commission programmes officer Kala Rawali witnessed the signing.
The general-secretaries were told to perform their duties according to the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.
The Parties registered to contest the elections are: Papua and Niugini Union Party (Pangu), People’s Progress Party, United Party, National Alliance Party, Papua New Guinea Party, Christian Democratic Party, United Resource Party, Melanesian Liberal Party, People’s Democratic Movement, New Generation Party, Star Alliance Party, People’s Party, Social Democratic Party, People’s Movement for Change Party, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party, People’s United Assembly Party, Peoples National Congress Party and National Alliances.
Other registered parties include PNG Country Party, People’s Labour Party, PNG National Party, People’s Action Party, People’s First Party, PNG Greens Party, Republic Party, People’s Resource Awareness Party, Melanesian Alliances, Mapai Levites Party, PNG Constitutional Democratic Party, Our Development Party, and Coalition for Reform Party, PNG Destiny Party, Grassroots United Front Party, PNG One Nation Party, Wantok in Godly Services Party, PNG Human Rights Party, Paradise Kingdom Party, Model Nation Party, Trust PNG Party, PNG Youths Party, Nations Interest Party, PNG socialist Party , People’s Freedom Party , National Conservative Party and SOM Pioneer Party .

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