Parties sign peace agreement after two months of fighting

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THREE parties involved in tribal fight near Wabag town have signed an agreement to lay down their arms and stop further killings.
The Kalas and Kiis, backed by Kandepians, fought for two months which resulted in at least 20 people being killed and properties worth millions of kina destroyed came face to face last Thursday.
Provincial police commander acting Superintendent George Kakas said the peace ceremony was led by Cr Roy Kipalan for the Kii and Kandep tribesmen while Cr Roy Lemalu led his Kala tribesmen.
Kakas said that Kipalan and Lemalu assured police and other leaders from the provincial administration and neighbouring villagers that there would be peace and agreed to sort all differences through a proper mediation  process and other lawful means like court.
He said that this was the first time the former warring tribesmen came face to face after
two months of intensive fighuting.
“As part of the agreement, I tell all Kandepian to go back to their home district,” he said.
He said that he didn’t want any forms of intimidation; threats against one another and tribesmen, women and children from both sides must feel free to move around.
“I also asked for the return of a firearm which the Kandeps took from a policeman from Wabag.”
Kakas said the Kandepians assured him that they would return the gun.
He said the policeman concern was arrested and charged and was in custody.
He appealed to the warring tribes to respect the agreement their leaders had signed to bring peace and harmony back into the community.