Party focuses on economy


THE Papua New Guinea National Party’s focus will be on “building a very strong economy,” party leader Kerenga Kua says.
The Sinasina-Yongomulg MP said this last Friday during a meet-and-greet cocktail function hosted by his party in Lae.
Kua, party president David Yak, Morobe branch interim president Joe Silas and executives Steven Kilage, John Pora, Matrus Kamung and David Yere, were in Lae to meet business houses to sell the party for their Oct 28 fundraiser.
“PNG National Party stands for economic growth and development. We believe that in order to drive our national development agenda, we need a strong economy and a strong cash flow,” he said.
“So our focus area would be to build a strong economy and a strong cash flow,” he said.
Kua, a lawyer-cum politician, said the reason why the party went to Lae was to put that agenda forward because Lae was considered the backbone of PNG in terms of business.
Kua said there was a big need for improvement in the fisheries, forestry, mining and petroleum sectors in the country.
“If you look at fisheries and forestry, you will notice that there is so much under-reporting there,” Kua said.
“These are big revenue earners which we can use to our advantage to improve the country’s economy.”
Kua said the current law on the “buy-back scheme” that exists in the country under mining and petroleum sectors will be done away with under a PNG National Party-led government.
“We know how to deal with this (buy back scheme) so I will talk more at the fundraising on Oct, 28,” Kua said.
Kua said when he was attorney-general, he already commenced the journey and he would complete it.
He said PNG National Party would also look into the arrangements of State-owned-enterprises (SOE).
“The spaces SOEs occupy (in the economy) are near monopolies,” Kua said.
“Under this condition, they should be declaring huge profits and paying massive dividends to their shareholders.
“But how is it that they are not?
“This is not just a political statement, we seriously know how to reorganise ourselves so that we make huge profits out of these monopolies.” Kua said monopolies like Telikom PNG, Post PNG, PNG Ports, PNG Power and Water PNG Board were supposed to make huge returns for the State but they were not.
Kua said under a PNG National Party-led government, the public private partnership (PPP) would be increased and strengthened.
“We will prosper this relationship and go into greater engagement with private companies under the PPP.”
Kua said his party would engage the private sector as a valuable partner in a lot of development projects taking place around the country.
He said impediments to doing business in the country would be looked at and removed so that a conducive environment was created for businesses to operate.

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