Party hopping allowed


CANDIDATES who have won their seats may change parties during this period leading up to the formation of government, Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu says.
He was commenting on Kikori MP-elect and PNG National Party member Soroi Eoi’s decision to join the People’s National Congress (PNC) camp in Alotau.
“We’ve heard about that particular case, but unfortunately, there is nothing much that we can do,” Gelu told The National.
He said those elected under the banner of their party could be targeted by different political camps.
“The case of the Kikori MP-elect is an example,” Gelu said.
“Despite being a member of the PNG National Party, he’s now with the (PNC) camp in Alotau.
“I don’t know whether that is an indication by the PNG National Party going to the Alotau camp.”
Gelu said there was also the issue of People’s Progress Party (PPP)founder and New Ireland Governor-elect Sir Julius Chan signing up to form a coalition with the PNC.
“The PPP leader (Ben Micah) lost his (Kavieng) seat,” he said.
“Right now, we don’t know who the leader of the party is.
“The party has to go back to its constitution.
“For us at the registry, we encourage political parties to do that: Use your constitution to elect a new leader. I don’t know if the decision by Sir Julius to go to Alotau is a collective decision by all the members.
“I don’t know if he’s taking up the responsibility of party leader.
“That is something that our office is interested in.
“We need the minutes of the meeting that appointed whoever to be the PPP leader.
“This is something that we’ve always been talking about: Political parties must always be united.”

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