Party leaders urged to use free airtime to outline policies


REGISTRAR of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu has urged leaders of political parties to use radio to air their major policies to the public before next year’s general election.
He said yesterday that parties should make use of the free air-time on National Broadcasting Commission radio on offer to broadcast their policies.
The registry is already making use of NBC to get its message across to all 22 provinces.
“The NBC, since last week, has started broadcasting messages for the election,” Gelu told The National.
“The main thrust of the messages we are trying to get across to the people is the importance of voting for political parties.”
Gelu said that he was disappointed with party leaders not making use of the opportunity to make their policies known.
“The requirement, basically, is for them to introduce themselves as leaders of political parties, introduce their party and then tell the people of this country four main policies that they will be pushing,” Gelu said.
“I’m very disappointed as I’ve written to the parliamentary leaders twice urging them to go to NBC and do their recordings or for NBC to go and see them in their office.
“Out of 16 to 17 parliamentary leaders, only one has done that so far.
“The others haven’t done so and I’m disappointed.
“I would urge our parliamentary leaders from the prime minister, opposition leader, leaders of other political parties to take part in this activity.
“We’re only asking them for four policies because it would be unrealistic for a political party to push six, seven of 10 policies which will never be achieved if they’re in government.”
Gelu said it was better to tell the people about their policies.

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