Party’s polices beneficial: Official


PEOPLE’S Progress Party (PPP) policies do not have boundaries but are beneficial for everyone, its president Philip Bartsaka says.
He said that at an annual gathering of party members at Nuwak outside Kavieng.
He said under the party policies, people must be competitive for a bright future, aim high, have free and subsidised education and make sure all old and the disabled got their pension.
“It’s the only province in the country to give pension to the old, over the age of 60 you automatically get the pension regardless of your province,’’ Bartsaka said.
“Our policies stay for a long time but after Sir Julius (Chan) came into power after losing his national seat, he sat down and thought it over with other intellects of the province.
“He brought all of them and they gave over 300 ideas and they later placed all of them in the Malagan Declaration Forward.”
He said they normally had their district caucus before the provincial convention, but due to time constraints, they went ahead with the meeting and squeezed everything in.
“There are two things we will do and that is to endorse three candidates and at the same time, we are looking at candidates to run for the local level government seat.” he said.
The three candidates in New Ireland were PPP leader and Kavieng MP Ben Micah, Governor Sir Julius Chan and Namatanai MP Byron Chan.

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