Pastor killed in dinghy


RASCALS who boarded a dinghy bound for Karkar Island in Madang on Thursday allegedly robbed and killed a Lutheran pastor while travelling.
The pastor was identified as Matlu Burir based in Mt Hagen.
Burir continued his holidays at his Kaul village on Karkar.
He went to Madang town on Thursday and was returning home when he was killed. Relative Jack Asafo said Burir victim boarded a dinghy at Kubugam at North Coast in Madang mainland with other passengers, including the rascals.
He said at around 4.30pm they were already near the shorelines of Kuburne village at Karkar Island when one of the rascals created an argument with the skipper and pointed a screw driver at him.
Asafo said the rascals fought with the skipper and forced him into the sea and ordered all other passengers to jump into the sea as well.
He said Burir refused to jump and the rascals took him further out to the sea and hit his head with a hard object and forced him off the dinghy.
He said the rascals cut four of his fingers while he was hanging onto the side of the dinghy. Asafo said passengers of another dinghy travelling to Madang on Friday discovered his body floating at sea and took him to Miak Health Centre on the Island.
His relatives later took his body to Madang. Asafo said the suspects were from the island and known.
Madang provincial police station commander could not be contacted for comment.

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