Pastor says women’s potential goes beyond household chores


A LUTHERAN Church pastor in Lae says women’s inherent abilities are not limited to household chores alone and they should be provided avenues to share experiences and prosper in life.
Calvary Lutheran Church pastor Reverend Ba’afeke Bameringnuc said women’s sense of assessing, understanding and managing family welfare was valuable to their families and communities.
Bameringnuc said that with various socio-economic issues adversely impacting the society’s wellbeing, women and young girls’ capabilities should not be limited to house-keeping, marketing, gardening and child rearing.
“Let us open our minds and recognise women as equal partners not only in family units but in the workforce and church activities.” he said.
“It is equally important to ensure women and young girls come out from that family bondage to learn new ways of thinking in how to manage family wellbeing and in the workforce.”
Bameringnuc was speaking at a week-long retreat at the Calvary Lutheran Church in China Town which was attended by more than 50 women and young girls from 10 congregations.
The retreat included Bible studies, prayer meetings, songs, dramas, scripture and personal testimony sharing.
It was also an avenue for the women to prepare themselves for the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation from Oct 27-30 in respective parishioners in the Lae City Circuit.
The combined fellowship is scheduled for Oct 31 at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium.

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