Pastor: Women must shine to reflect God’s love


WOMEN must shine in their families and communities to reflect God’s love, says Pastor Susan Kubai.
She is from the Christ Ambassadors Fellowship Church of Papua New Guinea branch in Madang.
The church held its first national women’s conference last week attended by more than 1300 women.
Kubai said the theme “Love God, love PNG” meant that we must love God and reflect the same love on our neighbours and other people.
She urged women to shine to reflect God’s love and to care others.
She said hate cause divisions and chaos in families and communities.
“Violence is everywhere because there is no love,” she said.
“When we mothers change, we bring change to the family. When the parents change, children change because they are under the parents’ roof.”
She said the country would change only when families were united in a community. The women came from the Mamose, New Ireland and Highlands regions.
The one-week event was held at PLP Park starting last Wednesday and ended last Sunday with a Jesus march at Madang town.

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