Pato has delivered for electorate


First, let me congratulate my MP for retaining his Wapenamanda open seat for another term and I also thank the people of the electorate for having the confidence and trust for his leadership.
Wapenamanda deserves changes in terms of infrastructure because of its geography, unlike the other districts of Enga.
Likewise, Tsaka Valley, with a population of more than 25,000 people, had been neglected in terms of basic services.
During general election campaigning, candidates and MPs came to Tsaka valley with empty promises to win votes and once they got elected, they disappeared.
It came a time when the people finally cried out and our local pastors with our Christian brothers and sisters asked God for a leader.
Their request was answered in 2012 when our honourable member for Wapenamanda and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Rimbink Pato, took office. With no delay Pato delivered with major projects like  bridges which link thousands of people to Wapenamanda, the rehabilitation of Tsaka Valley road, the mini-hydro scheme, and the construction of a new police station at Konimanda, including more than 60 police houses.  The sealing of Tsaka road was done only month after Pato took office.    Thank you honourable member for Wapenamanda.

Wanimas Tange, Tsaka Valley    

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