Pay delay on EC, Ngangan says


SECURITY personnel and electoral officers’ delayed allowances have nothing to do with election funding, says Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan.
“It’s the management and the scheduling of activities by the Electoral Commission that has caused a delay in processing allowances,” he said
“The people at the management have to ensure that the allowances are paid into the officers’ accounts on time.”
Ngangan spoke out after the media reported of security personnel and electoral officers complaining of not receiving their allowances.
He said the unpaid allowances had nothing to do with funding as the Finance Department has more than sufficient funds for the 2017  elections.
Ngangan said that his job was to support the electoral commission.
“A number of allowances have been already paid and some were paid during the counting process and some are still pending, but the counting allowance will be paid at the conclusion of counting.
“Like Hela province, counting officials completed the counting and declared their members without receiving any allowances.
“All counting allowance will be completed after the counting ends.”

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