Paying compo not justice: Nili


PAYING compensation, practised in many parts of the Highlands region, is a hindrance to the effective administration of justice in  communities, a senior police officer says.
Senior Inspector Epenes Nili told a conference on sorcery-related violence in Wabag, Enga that there were laws in place to deal with compensation cases.
Nili said it was used to maintain peace and order in the community, however, should not stop the prosecution of those who broke the law.
He said a criminal case did not end when the perpetrator gave some form of compensation to the relative of the victim.
He said some people resorted to compensation payments to the victims of a crime because they were afraid of being arrested and ending up in court.
He said the culprits must be brought before the law and be  dealt with.
Police in the province are also focusing on curbing sorcery-related violence and urge victims to lodge their complaints.
“If you shy away from this, how can we help you? It is a two-way thing.
“My fundamental duty is to protect lives.
“If your life is in imminent danger, no one will kill you if you come and seek protection from the police.”

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