Payment delay welcomed


I welcome the report in last Thursday’s newspaper on the delay in paying LNG clans their royalties.
I call on the new minister to avoid any further delays in identifying the landowners of upstream Hides and Juha based on the understanding that the term “clan vetting” has been nullified by the court and therefore nonexistent.
I thank the government for withholding the royalty payment because the government is not for the few but for everyone.
And the law is not for the few but for everyone, so the law must be respected.
There is court order in place.
The state’s clan-vetting programme was a huge failure.
In fact, it was a big mess as people and clans who did not own land were counted in, therefore, significantly inflating and clan number and size.
John Karius Gane                              
Tuguba Pepe (Bebalibuni)     

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