PDA financially fine to operate, says chairman


THE Porgera Development Authority (PDA) is meeting its financial obligations and acquittals are provided to relevant authorities, chairman Aken Puluku says.
Puluku said this while refuting a statement from Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas that the authority had not provided financial reports for the funding it received from the Government and Barrick.
Sir Peter had said the PDA had not acquitted for more than K130 million since its inception.
But Puluku told The National that the authority was “financially sound, which means it is financially fine to operate to the end of the year”.
“However, all its operating bank accounts were put on hold due to a terminated employee John Miukin, who is still purported to hold onto the cheque books,” he said.
“Once he is formally out, PDA will operate as usual.”
Puluku  said the proposed intervention of Sir Peter into the management affairs of PDA was due to Miukin’s actions.
“Miukin had publicly criticised Sir Peter for not financially supporting PDA in its operation and had stated that if PDA shut down, then it would also affect the Porgera Gold Mining operations,” he said.
“The views and statements by Miukin were his own personal views and statements and do not represent PDA.
“However, those statements were made after Miukin was terminated as of July 27, 2016.
“The chairman and the board of management of PDA strongly condemned the terminated employee for using PDA.
“The chairman and board of management take this time to greatly appreciate the continuous assistance of Barrick Porgera Joint Venture in supporting PDA and its instrumentalities to continue to function to provide valuable services to the people.
“We sincerely apologise to Sir Peter and the Enga  government for any inconvenience.
“Miukin owes an apology to PDA and its board, Barrick Porgera Joint Venture, Sir Peter and to those who were impliedly tarnished by his public outbursts in Porgera.”

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