Peace deal to end tribal fight


A TRIBAL fight in Hela that claimed 22 lives, displaced hundreds of people and led to the destruction of properties worth thousands of kina has come to end.
Leaders from the fighting clans signed a peace agreement to end the conflict so that people could return to live their normal lives.
Acting Hela Governor Francis Potape called for peace after a recent killing, and leaders from the warring tribes agreed to end their tribal fighting.
Last Sunday in Tari was the first time for the tribes to come together to sign the peace agreement.
It was witnessed by Potape, senior provincial magistrate Vincent Taueralia, acting provincial police commander Inspector Kenzley Sailas, provincial law and order chairman Eric Yawas and others.
The fight between the divided Hundi clan claimed 10 lives while the fight between the Haten and Toma clans claimed 12 respectively.
Potape described the peace agreement as historic and commended the leaders for taking the initiative to put an end to the conflict.
He said no one was a winner in tribal fight.
“In peace, everyone is a winner. Fighting never brings development and change,” Potape said.
“Fighting never brings peace, good and order and harmony to a society. But fighting brings destruction to lives, properties and chaos into the societies that takes years to recover and heal.”
He said peace was his priority and promised to use available funds and resources to stop tribal fighting.
“I will make sure there is peace and order in the communities and the provincial government will be right behind to support peace before the elections,” Potape said.
He said this is a “stone age mentality” and people needed to change and look at taking part in changes and development.
“Under my leadership we will be working around to restore peace in the province and make sue delivery will become a priority that will change the people.”

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