Pentecoastal youths attend three-day conference


YOUTHS from the United Pentecostal Church (UPC) in Lae held a three-day conference at the Buko church in the Naewab district, Morobe recently.
The message to the youths during the closing service of the conference by Pastor Dennis Mupan was: “Be a vessel that can demonstrate God’s power to others and don’t believe in things that appear to disappear but hold on to God in any circumstance.”
“A vessel cannot operate on its own, it needs control by someone so let your life be controlled by Christ because this world is confusing but in Jesus nothing is confusing,” Ps Mupan said.
“Let go of things that will hold you back from giving praise to the one God who gave you life by believing in one God, one faith and one baptism.”
The gathering was arranged by the church to bring together youths from churches to strengthen their faith in Christ and for a common purpose in praise and worship.
The three-day conference ended last Sunday, Nov 20, and was attended by youths from the United Pentecostal churches from West Taraka, Nawae, Two Mile, Nine Mile and Kamkumung.
It is held annually to witness other youths to join in the faith.
UPC Nawae Church pastor and Lae Secondary School principal Christopher Raymond was also part of the congregation.
The theme of the conference was; Youths let the word of God abide in you and you shall overcome the wicked one, taken from 1 John 2:14.

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