People engagement is the key to financial success


MINISTER for Trade Commerce and Industry Wera Mori emphasised the importance of getting more people into the financial system while opening the Financial Inclusion Innovation Summit in Port Moresby yesterday.
“This is vital in improving the standard of living for those in the region as well as in Papua New Guinea,” he said.
“All of us here understand that financial inclusion programmes must touch the lives of everyone in the Pacific.
“The policies of our collective Pacific Island nations should ensure we improve the livelihoods of all our people through the provision of universal access to education, health and essential services inclusive of economic strategies.
“In the context of Papua New Guinea, we are guided by our constitution and vision 2050.  In our past political cycle, we took time to review the manner in which we approach and achieve those aspirations.
“We have more articulately guided, spelled out and defined how we shall measure our development and progression for our citizens and our country.”
He said the pillars of  vision 2050 which directly led to promoting financial inclusion were wealth creation, institutional development and service delivery, strategic planning and human capital development, gender, youth and people empowerment.

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