People give their lives to Jesus through baptism


A TOTAL of 46 people have given their lives to Jesus Christ through a baptism organised by the Morata 2 Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church in Port Moresby last Saturday.
They were baptised following a two-week evangelistic meeting at Morata market area run by evangelist Reuben Akia.
The theme of the meeting was ‘Midnight hour: A Bible prophecy journey’ in which Akia preached about the last day events focusing on how they would lead up to the end of the world.
“As Bible prophecy students, we believe that the last fight will have to do with worship,” Akia said.
He said, satan has his team and God has his team and both teams worship so worship was the issue and if we are not careful we will be fooled.
“I believe my duty is to tell the people to be careful of satan’s team and they must be wary and aware,” Akia said.
He said, God has given few people the understanding of prophecy and provided materials which were in line with world events and history and what the papacy and USA were doing. “Following the truth is not easy, because it cuts across something you love but if you have to make a decision for God, you make it,” Akia said.
He said, if you’re making a decision for God, God has promised to be with you always.
Morata 2 SDA church pastor, Andrew Jacob said the 46 Christians had been in the church and met requirements and their baptism was the highlight of the evangelistic meeting.
“We want to share the word of God with others so we organised the meeting in an open area in apublic place,” Ps Jacob said.
He said they were planning to hold such programmes in future to reach out and share the word of God with more people.

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