People of Kuk-Baisu urged to look for developers


LANDOWNERS of the Kuk World Heritage site in Dei, Western Highlands, have been given the green light to invite developers.
Lands Department general valuer Gabriel Michael relayed the approval to the landowners to revive the heritage site.
Michael commended the initiative of the Kuk Kawelka Incorporated Land Group (ILG) for reviving an important national treasure which could contribute to the economic development of the country.
He urged the people of Kuk-Baisu to look for developers who could revive the site for the benefit of tourists and scientists.
Michael said the site was recognised as a world heritage site.
ILG chairman Michael Tori thanked the department for allowing the landowners to revive and develop the site.
“We already have the management and development plans. In weeks to come, we’ll create our own website and market it through this network,” Tori said.
“We’ll be putting out tender for potential developers to bid.”
Tori said archaeologists believed that the site held evidence of the first real subsistence agriculture.
“The trace of the first ditch is still here,” he said.
“We still have the digging and gardening tools used thousands of years ago.
“The lifestyle of traditional gardening is still alive.
“We want to show the world that Kuk is still an iconic place in Papua New Guinea which holds historic importance.”

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