People must change attitude to curb crime, Kalaut says


NATIONAL Capital District and Central police commander Sylvester Kalaut says the public must not always rely on police to resolve issues.
He said this yesterday in response to concerns raised by members of the public in regards to the high rate of crime at Gordon market in Port Moresby.
“A lot of times, it is the people who need to change their attitude,” Kalaut said.
“When can our people change their attitude? Look at other centres in the country, like Kokopo, they do not need police everywhere because people there know how to control themselves.”
He said people should not rely on police all the time.
“You do not need police in your bedroom or in your toilet. So people must change their attitude and develop positive behaviours,” he said.
“Yes, we can dispatch police officers here, but the Gordon area is densely populated.”
Kalaut said officers were dispatched at the area but they were still outnumbered by public.
“It is everyone’s duty to keep Gordon area in order and not just police and NCDC.”

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